Pandemide Market Satışları E Ticarete Taşındı

E-commerce , which is in a continuous development in many sectors, was also reflected in food retail during the pandemic process. While national chain supermarkets started e-commerce before, local supermarket chains started e-commerce sales during the pandemic period .

While the pandemic has made changes in our lives in many areas, it has brought a change in shopping habits most of all. Due to the measures, both the shopping malls are closed for a long time and most consumers want to stay away from crowded environments, consumers have turned to e-commerce. This change both increased normal e-commerce and moved grocery shopping to e-commerce.

So much so that the development that normally food retail stores could achieve in 6 years to switch to digital took place in one year during the pandemic period. While some of the market chains set up their own online stores during the transition to the virtual market, some of them stepped into the digital world with their marketplace platforms

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